January 19, 2008


lost. in a sea. a school of fish abiding to one philosophy; one style of dress. welcome to atlanta…. a bastion of faux pas’ (needless to name; surly in thought) this industry giggles over in coyish banter at high noon’s delight; tea. dismantling a demogaugery of blatant silhouette sin leaves some yearning; a doe-eyed sense toward sensibility in a market quickly mastered and outgrown as timbs, 1’s, leggings, the resurgence of bamboo earring & an over-abundance of bedazzling.

under raspberry canapes brimming with luxury parisian goods for my picking, there’s hope like stefano’s defining silhouettes pour l’homme i covet…. slinking forward, i am a budding iconoclast revered in thought and bespoked by style. this is venus. the boy. as



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