February 12, 2008

not to rationalize the basis for my actions due from reluctance of labeling, justification & any other -ation or -ing imaginable, i felt suited to explain venusasaboy to the tight-minded. the fashion industry reflects vastly of women’s product particularly stateside where men’s sportswear is tightly trite & marred with boredom. my desire to influence the psychosis of men toward adopting a bespoken existence & challenging their view of a limited range of product available sans the exception of lauren, ford, & browne.

there’s playgrounds of designers, such as the antwerp six, crafting masterpieces saison après saison but most american men willfully exploit the tedious sameness of b. republic, gap inc. a&f and any other dullishly childish chain selling the same wretchedness year after year.

so whats the point? the idea is to create a vehicle where man can observe luxury and sportwear of the finest calibre; to express a bespoken nature reflective of status attained or un – readers choice; to ridicule impish thought toward seamless trends; & celebrate art, people, places, & some things that expresses men in the beauty he designed.

beauty is obsessed with me as i it as it’s inherent in my disposition. this is venus as a boy.

the obsessed


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