February 17, 2008


courtesy of my favorite blog du jour… coacd……. the director highlights an unknown named shaun ross of djamee models. the lack of melanin and androgyny is so intriguing, i wonder how he translates in movement against lucid hues. eerily striking! what do you think?



7 Responses to “powdered.wall.of.faces.”

  1. adia Says:

    he is amazing. part of the current feeling of our ‘new world’/ where we can rejoice in all types of beauty!

  2. Alva Page Says:

    I would love to coach him the new model

  3. narciso Says:

    agreed. art approaching perfection.

  4. EJ Says:

    I want those eyelashes.

  5. RHA Says:

    Shaun Ross was launched and is represented by Djamee Models one of the best boutique for talent develpement in NYC right now.

  6. nickling st.fleur Says:

    i will remain cognizant of future representation from Djamee Models, as i’m loving their eyes. maybe & 5min with Shaun is in order.

  7. Stephon Says:

    Look Shaun is a good competetor and he will succeed in the modeling buisness okay!!

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