February 20, 2008

i stan hard for the satorialist. he’s my rage in these mean streets. my cure from this dismal echo chamber of existing ideas in which i live, atlanta. so this post and those similar that follow are in tribute to the eyes of sir majesty & his captures across the bespoked world.
onthestreet2.jpg onthestreet1.jpg

two distinct styles. both judiciously imitated on the street. i’m not sure what i like most in the first pic… the wind tossed coif or the purposely relaxed collar. not to mention, noting that the racing stripes on the ‘roy textured cardi paired with the wine coloured, star-point, geometric sweater is super aka very kevin stuckey.
look two’s composition is reminiscent of jeremy haynes… layered canvases mixed with a serious bag game and paired with none-to-serious sneakers saying exactly that; f’k the world.

noted & getting dressed,


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