on the board – wendell.lissimore.

March 10, 2008

wendell_lissimore21.jpgimperative! my bullishness to initially illustrate this model is imped as his professional moves have garnered amassed written notice. with keen highlights by the imagist, coacd, & borderline stalking by late boots.com, i’m almost culpable if i didn’t give wendell lissimore some light as he’s the exact impression of an ethnic male model not those kitchen-a**, wretched, minstrel show fools on rap the runway.

new york-based lissimore has promise further than this moment as he’s the top model at RED. that face shined in the sean john all-black, dramatic runway show that closed ny fashion week, and currently, he has spreads in the latest edition of british gq & the march edition of out.

lissimore also dashed off to Paris for Hermes & Kris Van Assche runway shows, and popped in a few digitals at ford.
(photos/some specifics courtesy of the imagist & red)

wendell_lissimore6.jpg wendell_lissimore7.jpg

one can’t have everything cause then we’d be perfect though i tread close. my dream to have walked in milan is just beyond reach according to standards so vicariously, i must live through him.

two 2in. too short,


9 Responses to “on the board – wendell.lissimore.”

  1. vogue81 Says:

    he is the best!!!!! and the hottest!!

  2. nickling st.fleur Says:

    i couldn’t agree more though he does have stiff competition headed his way from Marcus Lloyd & Lamar James.

  3. dreamgirl Says:

    sexxy sexxy

  4. dreamgirl Says:

    sexxy sexxy love him

  5. vogue81 Says:

    i never heard of marcus or lamar,so no competition there

  6. zachary Says:

    Wendell is the best right now,his runway shows,magazine covers and editorial spreads along with catalog work back it up 100%

  7. mitchelle Says:

    love his body,and his beautiful eyes and yes he is the best out there…

  8. Mitchelle Says:

    Wendell Lissimore is so hott,he body is crafted so beautifully,dark chocolate skin (so tempting to taste),and beautiful eyes,just wanna look at you all night and day…

  9. natasha Says:

    post more wendell i need to see some new pictures from my future husband sorry sessilee 😦

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