April 1, 2008

queuing, lines to get into the hill. not ant but that sugary one for the night’s featured performer, teedra moses. eager anticipation of those tones we’d sing along to in off-key delight, myself and company grew weary as time and anxiety waned with 1,2,3,4 hours rolling through the hood.

yep, we were punk’d like a wet cat.

i knew before this debacle that miss moses is slightly a hood rat per seagram’s gin tour several years back, but the lack of punctuality on friday offended my judgment & my $$. that ire was so strong, i expected vocal excellence, wardrobe genius or some stellar musing to imp my anger. needless to say she fell flat as empathy vacated reason 3 hours earlier. i lingered long enough to hear take me, which was 1 of 2 songs i wished to hear, though welcomed & equally spent.

the fashions were.. mmm…. ground-breaking? (as there no pictures.) i saw boot cut denim & dress shoes! regular fit denim & over sized button-downs! all the key trends this season. & i jest. somewhere, people lost touch with getting dressed as this involves evoking a statement. what’s a statement? its a cohesive thought reflective of temperament containing proper balance, colour, silhouette, harmony & lines that’s forward. what i witnessed? an androgynous see of sameness, while wasting my statement in limbo.

in the words of a foxx with a sultry method, we ain’t coming here no more.



One Response to “bitter.disappointment.”

  1. Foxxymethod Says:

    Sorry I didn’t get the pictures to you. So tired and sooo pissed. wanted to scream bee-yatch! Love this.
    Music always rocks before midnight..

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