April 2, 2008


perting recently, someone said that parisians amiss the ability to dress (age depending) despite the collective in abundance. was the tort literal, as my ignorance is solely due to my pending indefinitely delayed initial rendezvous in the louvre.

that surly statement is bold. jarring. awing & required some research. so i wildly collected some valued information. watched a few runway shows. pondered some tabulations…. & in conclusion, i disagree as this gent above delivers. (thanks sartorialist!) the cut & detail on this blazer is deadly, the almost midnight leather gloves, and the carnation sneakers (mean) paired with that cream bag (toxic) livened up my darkest nights. the world is mad & i’m hellbent on fleeing atlanta for some certified genius and luxe goods.

2 Responses to “”

  1. ana b Says:

    I feel you on the fleeing and I love this outfit. Mainly because I adore people expressing who they are and want to be throught clothes as opposed to expressing who the mainstream tells them that they should be. Vive la revloution!

  2. nickling st.fleur Says:

    exactly ana b nutter. i express similar sentiments regarding the expression of self through clothes and not a mainstream approach. la revolution won’t be televised. la revolution won’t be televised.

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