April 16, 2008

man must embrace a modern aesthetic void of hyper-masculine cues toward obvious validity that affect proper hygiene & perfect health.  in his diligence toward success, there’s no need for phenotypic self-degredation of how its amassed. (amen?!)

jack black\'s intense lip balm

blue collar or the lay may possess importunities indicative of the lives led in the pursuit, such as, brushed & calloused hands, abnormally dry skin, shoddy nail plates, and chapped lips. many avenues lead to the fattening of a financial purse but here’s a product i stand firmly behind that warrants a healthy appearance regardless of employment status or employment class….. jack’s lip balm.

enriched with natural mint, avocado oil, shea butter and green tea, this emollient balm immediately soothes and relieves dry, chapped, irritated lips. plus, the moisturizing SPF 25 formula helps protect against free radicals. field tested in extreme conditions, this is not just any lip balm!  jack’s is it if you want the best all-around lip balm in the world or to be kissed.

comest savatino, i owe thanks for introducing me to jack’s.



One Response to “lip.service.”

  1. Foxxymethod Says:

    ha! too funny. i prefer bee wax myself but good look.

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