April 27, 2008

i apologize for the lack of posts. the fashion show i was directing, came & went (see a later post), challenged my time & ability to keep you entertained; i’m sorry. so, today, i’m reading through my gamut of online literature; mail; blog rolls when i stumbled across a posting in regards to this post’s context.

soulbounce perts how “we” forgot the slow death thats spreading across all urban media, as the legacy of soul and its first cousins are antiquated by a writhing mass of commercialism, homogenization, thuggification and overall laziness.

wow! was my immediate sentiment as i cosigned with this statement in entirety. & to my surprise, the 21st thing is something i’ve argued repeatedly, whether in & out of clouds of revery, as few have adopted my insight. i’ll list the top 20 & if you wish for a synopsis visit the source.

the list is as follows:
1. the end of the event album | 2. big name hip-hop producers
3. deaths of tupac & notorious b.i.g.
| 4. “neo-soul”
5. “reality” show
| 6. lazy a&r departments | 7. scarface & the untouchables
8. thugs
| 9. crime | 10. ringtones | 11. lack of music education
12. b.e.t
| 13. the radio | 14. club djs | 15. mainstream hip-hop publications
16. bloggers
| 17. youtube/myspace
18. singing rappers, acting rappers, rapper athletes
19. end of real singing groups
| 20. kanyitis

aaliyah haughton
21. the death of aaliyah. indeed!!!

opinions are wild in discourse of whether she was what many believed she was. there’s no denial that the entire industry felt the impact of her passing though i dare not say this event single handedly put the nail in urban music’s coffin. however, urban music lost much, if not all, validity and eschewed in a throng of copiously pretty drones lacking musical relevance with no personality ie. ashanti, beyonce, ciara, teairra marie, rihanna, etc.

as expressed, aaliyah had a warm & humble personality along with effortless talent, ideas, and a willingness to experiment, which was evident by the direction/context of her eponymous album, aaliyah. the multi-hyphenate gave only subtle doses of herself leaving much to be desired even in death. now we’re left with the wretchedness that’s big & shiny (beyonce) & sounds of a cat being skinned (ciara/rihanna), all of whom are questionably talented with average inner drive. i ask, where’s the competition needed to aspire for artistic greatness or blissful demise? wait! by the sounds of it, interred.

wrap oneself not in packaging but the substance inside as you should never trust anything with a big butt or shiny.

proceeding with high caution,


6 Responses to “!”

  1. Becca Says:

    Aaliyah was not and IS NOT a legend. and I can’t believe you had the nerve to praise Aaliyah for her “great” singing and then diss Rihana and Ciara . I’ll be honest I liked some of her songs. But you really went overboard when you was like her passing away MAY SHE RIP affected Urban Music.

  2. nickling saint laurent Says:

    i post to differ becca, as those with little, if any relation to that industry, deny aaliyah of her talent though the artists you may like revere her. so to define great singing….. well its not shouting as we often hear or expansive range but its actually a combination of control, colour, tonality & among other things. those entities i mentioned not only lack what i said singing is not but also those the qualities i listed as possessing to sing. some things are innate and some things are learned. i discern against what the media hypes as great and stand behind the humbled talent that was aaliyah.


  3. LoSo Says:

    gotta agree wit ya D, Aaliyah was a TRENDSETTER, sum of these artist would not be what they are now if it wasnt for her and need should praise her for that. Musically she took us to the future, One In A Million to this day sounds as if it came out last week, its a Timeless record from a TIMELESS artist, again…Aaliyah was and will always be the shit, believe dat!

  4. nickling saint laurent Says:

    the package is in transit loso. oiam was dope but her its her last effort that truly belies an era; so sonically different. genius.

  5. P Says:

    Becca is crazy, Aaliyah with Tim and Missy created a new sound for RnB in the 90’s, everyone copied Aaliyah- she was , is and will ALWAYS be a legend and icon- there is nobody like her. Never have I heard somebody sing without belting like Mariah or Whitney and go “damn, her voice is beautiful”. She is simply untouchable. I’m so unimpressed by most people/things- but this is one woman that has stayed relevant to me all these years. RIP.

  6. nick moore Says:

    Aaliyah is a legend so many ppl have copied her including ciara and ashanti and others. she did not sing like patti labelle but just because she didnt go overboard doesnt mean she couldnt sing. btw aaliyah had a very high range but she purposely sang in a low register, and also the fact she still being talked about 10 yrs after her death (still cant believe shes gone) is a testiment that she is a legend. if shed lived beyonce prob woould have some competition.

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