May 2, 2008

every genius has an orchestrated soundtrack pumped through thin veins by a dj narrating the best of times; the worst of times. if the white-haired, specs clad visionary i’m creatively divorcing is equally infamous as the school of ipod’s he maintains, then i offer you a mere glimpse at venus.

volume I: (itunes/winrar format)
1. “daylight” . bobby womack
2. “i decided” . solange knowles
3. “hit that” . m.i.a
4. “army of me (beats beyond remix)” . björk
5. “outta my head (ay ay ay)” . ashlee simpson
6. “customer” . raheem devaughn
7. “boys don’t cry” . the cure
8. “maps” . yeah yeah yeahs
9. “rachel” . she wants revenge
10. “lover’s spit” . broken social scene
11. “loose wires” . kenna
12. “love in this club remix” . usher

not disturbing the groove,


2 Responses to “!”

  1. aziza x Says:

    You have a pretty good taste in music. Kenna is great, not enough people know about him.

  2. nickling saint laurent Says:

    thanks. its just a preview. i gave a little eso mixed with current as i can’t scare you all of yet.

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