May 27, 2008

so fashion week daily stalks down industry heavyweights for musings in the chic report. as of current, the interviewed are nominees for the 2008 cfda awards, and i found humor and personal like for accessory nominee phillip crangi based on this q&a bluffing…

who are you bringing as your date?
my sister courtney, who is my partner. we started this together. if she hadn’t pushed me, i would probably be a pool cleaner.

a pool cleaner. ha, the man is not only big shit in his craft but i find admiration in his aloofness. somehow i don’t doubt the sincerity in his silliness though. the awards are awarded june 2nd & i believe crangi has his nomination “sewed” up.



4 Responses to “&.he’s.dope.”

  1. foxxymethod Says:

    that picture is hot…i love it..

  2. Clifton Casteel Says:

    what is the name of eyeglasses/frames that the model is wearing? Thank you.

  3. Rogov Says:

    I adore his style!!!

  4. phoenix Says:

    That isn’t a model its the designer himself….i know delicious right!!! And the specs are moscot go to moscot.com

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