June 27, 2008

okay! so consider me deceased.  as this gentleman murked (slang = killed) this statement twice over.  lifted from the supreme god that is the sartorialist, this gent worked this crisp, navy, well-tailored suit.  the pant, a men’s high-waist, front-pleated with three button detailed closure has me searching vintage stores for something comparable.

i’m sure his stock of vintage pieces, whether masculine or feminine is beyond ration.  the well-suited look is polished with white and brown spectators & did you notice the tie tack.  such a subtle finish.  this is mere stupidity of the greatest kind that i envy.  everything about this look is major and clean as it is flawless.

if he’s slinking down the streets of soho on the regular, we must & shall meet.  mi gusto definitely es mio!

of the choking kind,


2 Responses to “a.187.in.soho.”

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting this gent in the Sartorialist pic. Designer/Stylist/Photographer/Vintage Archievalist(if that’s a word lol) is amazing he has a point of view like no other. He has captivating pieces, effortless style, and a true appreciate for vintage finds and period pieces…So Amazing like the KANYE record…O his name is ADELEKE. Dope post.

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