July 14, 2008

catherine mcneil

ysl f/w '08 vs. bootsy collins

its no such secret that i’m enamored with all things yves.  at some point i wished to exude, if not be him, for sake of being a creative visionary myself though my maturation into current genius led to an even more satisfying infatuation with oneself.  yet, its through conditioned response; some operand learning that one draws inspiration in producing “original” works so where do the gents i admire seek influence?

well, i can’t help but wonder if ysl’s current creative director, stefano pilati, found inspiration in the original rubber band man, bootsy collins, with spring’s praised bezzles.  bootsy, baby!.. whom knew your certified genius would perhaps influence a praised collection decades later?  just a thought.

grazie & kudos,


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