December 9, 2008

as time transpired, little resumed and much changed.  nyc this supposed bastion of all things gold in fashion is increasingly scrambling for life as we witness the financial systems cling on faith.  with tomorrow being my sole day dedicated to self, i’m going to brave the frigid temp to witness the sad state of Saks as luxury too is now victim to sore discounts and petite margins.

as for this site… well, i’m pushing myself to be furtive and see its influence through.  my apologies for the delay as the return looms close.



2 Responses to “unofficial.return.”

  1. Ana B Says:

    Yeah I heard about Saks looking like a discount dive with all of the sale items. Lately I’ve been so jaded and starved for originality and now your grim outlook on NYC has me well…

  2. undrcrwn Says:

    From fashion designers to clothing outlets, everyone’s got a share of the affliction caused by the recent economic downturn. I do hope that the economy will recover before the recession causes any more damage.

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