dearly devoted,

with time, comes change/growth and the course in which my mind has traveled against the concrete landscape astounds even the tenured within this prison.  venus as a boy shall be no more.  not as in defeat but a rebirth of something entirely different.  i’ve met many of the people with whom i’ve perted lauded praises of their genius within the year here, but as a real journalist i desire to touch closer in the covenant we all share in common and sing about contextual meanings in all my discoveries.  i’ll leave the other sites of fodder to humour the feeble with imagery and window-shopping for things they don’t afford or witness.

tramping the globe but warmed with fond memories,



April 25, 2009

there’s a little hesistation in my willingness to hash out details of my life’s travails in new york city.  possessed between confines of running wildly with scissors and refocusing my ambitions far away from here, my mind once densely clouded is auspiciously transparent.  for you to understand, i must go back to beginnings.

head down; two feet on the ground, i arrived in sustenating lofty aspirations to be seated as the wolf at the table. amplified was the hunger to devour the weak and establish a reverred coterie filled with acolytes similar in dictatorship and thought not celebrity.  my reputation and thirst for human history far exceeds shopping at mcqueen or jeffrey.  instead i felt like the new fish swimming in a school where few gatekeepers flash nothing remotely groundbreaking but syrupy archness paraded as cleverness.  firmly, i’m unamused & unimpressed at great lengths.

i accept new york’s faults as they are and wish to no longer work; that was my dream all along.  sure, i could be at derek lam or helmut lang as a whole sale s.a.e but those goals are work.  i’d rather be on the creative team of an artist that has talent (relative) like kenna, common or ciara; attend culinary school to add another trade to my extensive belt, or travel the world while writing screen plays.

i’m working on a new site… called: the editor. stay peeled.

April 10, 2009

wow!  months have passed & the man utilizing this form remembers little of the purposely deferred dream before.  insidious toils of frivolity & attention surrounding fashion genius appeal less as the american visage is consumed in the cocoon of celebrity.  there’s a shift from discoursed fervor of design to copious sameness of banality as hipsters & coked coteries become darlings to a landscape once esoteric.  

the time, in which this city I now call home, is peculiar as the financial meltdown globally brought the world so close that, intimately, i could polish it in my palms.  now fashion; the bigger picture breaks down to profit & gross margins vs assets, liabilities & licenses disguised by beauty which i truly admire.  i get the fantasy just to no longer live the affair as its called work.  i wish it drove the unilateral covenant of the human condition close but it doesn’t.  my desires for substantive living, wearing nipple tanks, boat shoes & puffing cigars takes precedent to living up to the pseudonym i’ve grown to recognize among my peers… kaiser. (tribute to karl).  

i think more about rebirth, the smile of the love i left far below the mason dixie line, and the intimate understanding of god in sex.  i’m affected more by the life of the homeless woman & her story in my neighborhood or the impact-full lives of aaliyah, pedro zamora, arthur ashe, x, bobby kennedy & harvey milk to name a few.

now i do cherish, beyond belief for varying degrees of irrational, ysl, robert geller, jil sander, yohji, lim, vintage helmut, & vintage balmain, halston, alaia, & blass for women, but not so much to be consumed by the shallow arrogance of nobodies obsessed with image & pretending greatness.

genius knows genius as it is born not paid so lets change the world beyond taking ourselves serious.



December 9, 2008

as time transpired, little resumed and much changed.  nyc this supposed bastion of all things gold in fashion is increasingly scrambling for life as we witness the financial systems cling on faith.  with tomorrow being my sole day dedicated to self, i’m going to brave the frigid temp to witness the sad state of Saks as luxury too is now victim to sore discounts and petite margins.

as for this site… well, i’m pushing myself to be furtive and see its influence through.  my apologies for the delay as the return looms close.