July 16, 2008

in midst of rarity, i tuned into bet’s 106&park and friend, keri hilson was co-hosting with the uncharasmatically, wacktacular terrance j.  supposedly, there’s beef amongst the show’s hosts, which is not the point to be made so i’ll keep moving forward.

they introduced timbaland, whom recently married, into the mix & i couldn’t help but admire his removed state from the world.  it was sorta stoicly, standoffish mixed with a wealthily separatist assurance… ie. dope in my eyes.

the duo, hilson and timbaland, were in studio promoting her rap-up magazine cover and first video, energy, which was directed by melina.  yep, the same director of that stale & too ambitious to make sense with song video for solange though this treatment faired lighter and is easily navigable.  during the segment, hilson mentioned the video suggests her tomboyish reproach, which judging by appearances & styling i.e. usher’s love in this club & timbaland’s scream remains farsighted.  but, i’ve seen photos of an athletic hilson from those dekalb high school day’s in atlanta per mutual friend (hey jodi!) and she wasn’t the polished beauty she is now.

nonetheless, she’s striking with georgia sincerity to match.  her approachability is dope, as we began as perfect strangers; you know cyber buds on that myspace utility, but its recalling our first personal conversation in atlanta two days before the b.e.t. awards in ’07 that set the tone.  we greeted, hugged & i tagged along in a frantic heat as she shopped for garments to no avail.

speaking of garments, i’m going to sidebar momentarily.  i usually hate, no am seriously incapable of tolerating, hilson’s wardrobe selections as its a heavily influenced ’80s look, which is dated (2 decades to be exact.)  her stylist, whom i am acquainted, but shall remain nameless is rather bitchy at most intervals and her work < groundbreaking.  hilson always looks like an average atlanta chick when consulted by this unnamed spoof.  its rather tragic as hilson has all the ingredients for superstardom (the voice, the beauty, hell timbaland is behind her) and she should tip as one.  i remember her first few photoshoots in ’06 (below) for being so awfully uninspiring.

i also heard from “the mouth of the south” about the clearance bcbg dresses she scooped up for hilson for timbaland’s wedding.  some things just aren’t synonymous like clearance & wedding, especially if timbaland was in gucci.  (rihanna’s got a better image coterie & she lacks complete musical talent and royalties.) smh!

despite the rant, i wish nothing but the best for tomorrow’s it artist and as her 23rd september (my d.o.b) release date pushes closer, i’ll keep two pieces of advice close from hilson.  one, to not be afraid to put my plan b into action, and two, with so many people being opportunists, be a go-getter.

energy is available on itunes.

definitely the go getter,


May 12, 2008

and its squeezed fresh for the pavement, friday, may 23rd, at the variety playhouse in l5p. i gushed over feist, whom i missed seeing twice despite my serendipitous fawning, but my current group du jour is chopping it up in the “a” like a quiff with a pimp.

she wants revenge is bringing the pain for the prince of dark and debauchery, and its imperative that i’m in attendance on the 23rd. they’re the headlining act on the nylon summer music tour and are supported by be your own pet (???) & some other outsiders.

though with favorites like tear you apart, spend the night, rachael, & these things, this is sure to be my last hoo-rah in a-town and for only $20 bucks.

tiding me over in the meantime is the video for tear you apart. dig into this!

score & equally geeked,


May 10, 2008


although this might be the most major photo i’ve seen in sometime in regards to gangsta androgynistic beauty, it doubles as representation for the expected creative foray for the breathtakingly sickening agnes deyn whose likeness here is a futuresex/lovesounds promo leftover. so does it really come as shock that this beauty now “sings” despite sounding similar to all the other tarts selling beauty sans true vocal acrobatics.

this image of dame agnes can be found in the may edition of i-d magazine, while i’ll spare you the reel footage of agnes wailing away into nothingness.



May 10, 2008

randomly perusing barnes & noble two days ago, my eyes fell on the current issue of fader, which i haven’t purchased in years. i mentioned the impact of aaliyah in a previous post, and fader dedicates issue #54, the icon issue, to ms. haughton.

now i’m real biased in affinity toward the legacy/talent she’s remembered for, but it’s quite introspective reading praises about a life cut short from peers and those she influenced.

the most intriguing are the memories retold by liza, assistant stylist to derek lee, where we are given an indepth account in the development of her style and image branding, and memories from missy on the evolution of aaliyah’s sound and openness to push herself creatively by experimenting beyond what the industry dictated or understood.

there aren’t many people i bluffed about dying to meet; actually only four, and literally, she is one. fader also pays homage to her deceased confidant & songwriter, static, making this issue worth its newsstand price.

so, to the artist whom personally affects me most, at your best you’re more than loved.

cheers to you,!

May 4, 2008

kanye's baby

the stork indeed delivers… via secret messenger service. jim shi (pictured below) welcomes his newly adopted bundle, fendi’s 400 percent bearbrick luca that’s entertained and wowed many passersby at the nyc flagship.

dually announced by the chic report, kanye west is now the adoptive father of luca’s elder brother whom is le couleur pour saison, jaune.luca, jim shi's bundle of joy

these bearbricks were conceived by parents karl lagerfeld & silvia venturini fendi, and are beyond retardo. its like a life-size lego for fashion savvy adults. coveting? yes!

awaiting my stork delivery,


April 4, 2008

gwen-stefani-um04.jpgover the past few weeks i’ve extended myself in lengthy discourse with several peers about my anti-the establishment views regarding what’s authentic/laudable in music. anyone close to me is aware that my list of worthy musicians, artists, & entertainers is found in brevity.

nothings ever personal, the media just can’t sell the educated well-packaged hype when there’s characteristics i extol regarding genius. one must possess an artistic it factor, a mastered (non-contrived) image & the control of, and seminal talent. the world should be done with all image no-substance, fly by noon pop stars. i won’t reveal the hit-list so to deter the feds from knocking, but they should fall 6ft in an empty 3ft pool, head first, for some of the coonery they package as art. i.e. that increasingly doomed e=mc2 by mariah carried-away.

so with feist’s performance looming in the immediate distance, i began digging through my catalog and have been relishing in broken social scene, sacred cow, love/hate, the love below (which was as artistic to this generation as purple rain & thriller were to the 80s) & the sweet escape.

stefani’s last triumph served as runner-up to back to black as the best effort of 2006. “4 in the morning” & “early winter” echo volumes of empathy toward my life, and she supplied air in visual stimulation bringing those songs life. the videos were masterfully theatre. there was progressive artistic direction, style, & drama which married well with the below surface lyrics. i admit that the early singles skimmed the kiddie pool arena for appeal (sales) but the depth of the remainder delighted me. very few artists create & retain a niche & despite stefani’s intrepid treads into an urban groove, its her assault in the pop realm where she shines and amazes me most. beyond reason, this hp spot is a summation of my daily internal struggle & relegates misty watered eyes & the reason for this post.

creating magic,


March 21, 2008



a stan since 2004’s let it die, leslie feist is bringing her show to atlanta at the tabernacle on april 18th. i’m thrilled beyond kelly rowland’s recently augmented bits as feist’s reminder lp has been in heavy rotation on my ipod.i need to brush up on my broken social scene tunes as i’m up for some throwback odes in the mix, and with tickets only $25, i’m looking to snatch a few friends & go. the doors open at 7:00 & the show commences at 8:00.

i’ll be the guy in all black….see you there!