August 14, 2008

for all whom inquired…

nyc; its the most challenging of places i’ve ever been. a great sense of humour remains despite some serious ways of mine so all the tribulations faced are result of how great i am to become in my own skin. nothing’s easy and honestly this place at intervals sux to live in. brooklyn: where i live… lies mostly beneath everything i am. nyc; its nothing like film ever suggested… i must say, i came into this city certain of the genius i am though its challenged me to see myself in ways i never could have. i’m finding me inside my creativity so once i tire of emerald city, i’ll be doper than anything i’ve ever written & lived. i gave up much of whom i was; sacrificed places, things, and beings whom i love(d) for chance to complete creation. i won’t get preachy but i have a stronger sense of importance as i’ve been lured to see better value in those “things” around me including friends.

venus.as.a.boy is temporarily on hold as i court profit and further establish the direction in which my art shall lie.



if the s/s ’09 runway collection by tisci at givenchy is mere indication of the future of men’s fashion then i’ve settled into the right industry. i was blown by the willingness to experiment with form & structure at givenchy as i rarely delve into their collection, if at all. in a time when getting dressed competes with my temperament i cannot wait to express what i feel to wear these…

these shoes are highly ambitious in all wickedness.  it finally appears that menswear is competing for greatness.

maverick of the evolution,

though a 3 week absence, there’s some magic in the works.
* lifestyle interview with upcoming stylist Adetayo Fajemisin (Ford Models)
* a 5min with Oraine Barrett (praying)
* this season’s best of men’s bags
* spotlights on 3 model favorites (A. Gallo, Jon K, and Ambrose Olson)
* more gents caught out there.
* article on dandyism
* article on great libations… for the lushes
stay peeled.



June 10, 2008

my apologies.  the extended delay in newness for venus is associated with my overwhelming nakedness to the world.  i lost touch with whom i created & soon was thrust in wanderlust.  i relinquished; shifted my priorities as my transition to nyc quickly approaches.  this love i couldn’t live past, so i believed, i let go of in order for me to be more for us in what future may come as there needed to be some time for growth to determine if i in fact could live without.  this love is… beauty & i realized how perfect i really am.  better.  let’s get back to business.



May 27, 2008

so fashion week daily stalks down industry heavyweights for musings in the chic report. as of current, the interviewed are nominees for the 2008 cfda awards, and i found humor and personal like for accessory nominee phillip crangi based on this q&a bluffing…

who are you bringing as your date?
my sister courtney, who is my partner. we started this together. if she hadn’t pushed me, i would probably be a pool cleaner.

a pool cleaner. ha, the man is not only big shit in his craft but i find admiration in his aloofness. somehow i don’t doubt the sincerity in his silliness though. the awards are awarded june 2nd & i believe crangi has his nomination “sewed” up.



May 21, 2008

’nuff said.

eat this burberry packable trench coat for $695 $435.
burberry packable trenchcoat burberry packable trenchcoat

queing for cooler times,


April 4, 2008

come.on.proper.grammar.from afar & to the retiring, atlanta is the sweet escape but for the highly creative… a dismal pebble on the steps of ambition. though my best & i do take pleasure in making the best of this city’s diffident offerings. forgo a week and some days, we met for a light supper & wine at maggiano’s, followed with rushed shopping for that teedra moses show i blogged about previously.

dessert after dining is sacrilegious, and i had been wanting to patron cafe intermezzo, which offers free hors d’oeuvres & cocktails on mondays, for some time. intermezzo is a quaint, dimly lit romanticized european coffeehouse offering a varied selection of dessert, beverages and conversations. we grabbed a table by the store front windows and conversed over life & the pursuit for two hours immersing ourselves in subliminal discourse.

i ordered the bosco, which was an airy, rum tiramisu cake layered with a light cream and paraded with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and currants sided with a dollop of whipped cream. i paired my selection with a libation of muscato that was equally sweet and smooth. the experience, the service, and the selections were beyond excellence, and as i imagined intermezzo’s would be a place i’d come to frequent and will.

cafe intermezzo
1845 peachtree rd. ne
atlanta, ga 30309.
the foxx with a sultry method. the bosco. picture-025.jpg