July 16, 2008

in midst of rarity, i tuned into bet’s 106&park and friend, keri hilson was co-hosting with the uncharasmatically, wacktacular terrance j.  supposedly, there’s beef amongst the show’s hosts, which is not the point to be made so i’ll keep moving forward.

they introduced timbaland, whom recently married, into the mix & i couldn’t help but admire his removed state from the world.  it was sorta stoicly, standoffish mixed with a wealthily separatist assurance… ie. dope in my eyes.

the duo, hilson and timbaland, were in studio promoting her rap-up magazine cover and first video, energy, which was directed by melina.  yep, the same director of that stale & too ambitious to make sense with song video for solange though this treatment faired lighter and is easily navigable.  during the segment, hilson mentioned the video suggests her tomboyish reproach, which judging by appearances & styling i.e. usher’s love in this club & timbaland’s scream remains farsighted.  but, i’ve seen photos of an athletic hilson from those dekalb high school day’s in atlanta per mutual friend (hey jodi!) and she wasn’t the polished beauty she is now.

nonetheless, she’s striking with georgia sincerity to match.  her approachability is dope, as we began as perfect strangers; you know cyber buds on that myspace utility, but its recalling our first personal conversation in atlanta two days before the b.e.t. awards in ’07 that set the tone.  we greeted, hugged & i tagged along in a frantic heat as she shopped for garments to no avail.

speaking of garments, i’m going to sidebar momentarily.  i usually hate, no am seriously incapable of tolerating, hilson’s wardrobe selections as its a heavily influenced ’80s look, which is dated (2 decades to be exact.)  her stylist, whom i am acquainted, but shall remain nameless is rather bitchy at most intervals and her work < groundbreaking.  hilson always looks like an average atlanta chick when consulted by this unnamed spoof.  its rather tragic as hilson has all the ingredients for superstardom (the voice, the beauty, hell timbaland is behind her) and she should tip as one.  i remember her first few photoshoots in ’06 (below) for being so awfully uninspiring.

i also heard from “the mouth of the south” about the clearance bcbg dresses she scooped up for hilson for timbaland’s wedding.  some things just aren’t synonymous like clearance & wedding, especially if timbaland was in gucci.  (rihanna’s got a better image coterie & she lacks complete musical talent and royalties.) smh!

despite the rant, i wish nothing but the best for tomorrow’s it artist and as her 23rd september (my d.o.b) release date pushes closer, i’ll keep two pieces of advice close from hilson.  one, to not be afraid to put my plan b into action, and two, with so many people being opportunists, be a go-getter.

energy is available on itunes.

definitely the go getter,


new discoveries.  fresh faces.  new days = new models, but maintaining key visibility & converting a fad into permanent fixture is something few models, especially males, succeed in doing unless a possessor of uniquely versatile sensibilities & eyes that evoke brilliance.  with a short shelf-life, it excites me that one of the models i revere; whose body of work wears the volume it speaks; is ranked 10th in worldwide visibility.  this gent, is jon kortarajena redruello or simply, jon k.

jon k, 23, debuted on the runway in jan. ’04 for emporio armani & galliano in milan & paris.  his smouldering eyes and heartthrob appeal has not gone unnoticed as his saturation within this industry expands. 

my initial impression; however, was his premiere guess campaign in ’06?  i detest the wretchedness that’s guess like kids do drinking water. possess an ire so intense that guess is termed white trash couture in my coterie, but there’s no denying the appeal of its campaign’s face.  simply put… i’ve had a man crush since.

current, he’s the wildcard of ’08 as the face of guess, etro, bally’s, trussardi, and tom ford.  increasingly, jon k heralded a 200 page editorital for l’officiel hommes in february, which fête is certifiably boss. 

a few of his campaign stills are in the mix below where his revelry is major in the tom ford and trussardi editorials. with certainty his agencies, ranging from wilhelmina in nyc to success in paris, are working overtime promising his assault into male supermodeldom.

our eyes are watching god,

catherine mcneil

ysl f/w '08 vs. bootsy collins

its no such secret that i’m enamored with all things yves.  at some point i wished to exude, if not be him, for sake of being a creative visionary myself though my maturation into current genius led to an even more satisfying infatuation with oneself.  yet, its through conditioned response; some operand learning that one draws inspiration in producing “original” works so where do the gents i admire seek influence?

well, i can’t help but wonder if ysl’s current creative director, stefano pilati, found inspiration in the original rubber band man, bootsy collins, with spring’s praised bezzles.  bootsy, baby!.. whom knew your certified genius would perhaps influence a praised collection decades later?  just a thought.

grazie & kudos,

though a 3 week absence, there’s some magic in the works.
* lifestyle interview with upcoming stylist Adetayo Fajemisin (Ford Models)
* a 5min with Oraine Barrett (praying)
* this season’s best of men’s bags
* spotlights on 3 model favorites (A. Gallo, Jon K, and Ambrose Olson)
* more gents caught out there.
* article on dandyism
* article on great libations… for the lushes
stay peeled.


June 27, 2008

okay! so consider me deceased.  as this gentleman murked (slang = killed) this statement twice over.  lifted from the supreme god that is the sartorialist, this gent worked this crisp, navy, well-tailored suit.  the pant, a men’s high-waist, front-pleated with three button detailed closure has me searching vintage stores for something comparable.

i’m sure his stock of vintage pieces, whether masculine or feminine is beyond ration.  the well-suited look is polished with white and brown spectators & did you notice the tie tack.  such a subtle finish.  this is mere stupidity of the greatest kind that i envy.  everything about this look is major and clean as it is flawless.

if he’s slinking down the streets of soho on the regular, we must & shall meet.  mi gusto definitely es mio!

of the choking kind,

i took some time to move.  you know this relocation thing is overrated.  somewhere at some point i became a hoarder of stuff; random shit (clothing, magazines & paper) clouding my coffee & impairing life.  in midst of a self-renaissance, i popped a few cocktails; chased it with some st. michel and have become anew.

in this vacancy, my favorite label’s creator passed on to green pastures kicking buckets.  damn.  who’s left for me to admire or shall i become part of a legion of the admired.  (deep).  i spoke candidly with a kindred spirit about yves, his impact, his suiting and his genius, and then we fell into discourse about the lavishness of death. surly talks of how orcherstrated our ceremonies would be.  quiffs about suiting, entrances, exits to invited guests.  so what’s my point?  those privileged to attend my homecoming need to give statements like claudia schiffer… …

beat.  take notes or i’ll haunt you down.  more about yves & our clothes affair later.



June 10, 2008

my apologies.  the extended delay in newness for venus is associated with my overwhelming nakedness to the world.  i lost touch with whom i created & soon was thrust in wanderlust.  i relinquished; shifted my priorities as my transition to nyc quickly approaches.  this love i couldn’t live past, so i believed, i let go of in order for me to be more for us in what future may come as there needed to be some time for growth to determine if i in fact could live without.  this love is… beauty & i realized how perfect i really am.  better.  let’s get back to business.