amid reports of a 4.6% drop in Q1 earnings stemming from this weak u.s. dollar and soft sales in the u.k. & italy, bulgari spa recently confirmed its 2008 guidance pending no increased macroeconomic deterioration. this bullishness streamlines forward with the opening of a bulgari store in lenox mall? why?!

though truly exciting as i’m a fan of its black cologne & accessories, i disagree with the timing of the store’s opening in this market. gas is fcuking outrageous in the land of home foreclosures, so where’s this extra cash bulgari is attempting to sponge going to manifest?

i can only imagine that bulgari spa brokered lower rent rates with simon, as i don’t forsee this store impacting those profit margins to kelly green territory; just added overhead. besides, phipps caters more to the clientele & evident someone should receive a nice pink slip for not doing their homework fully.

already off on the wrong foot,