May 10, 2008

randomly perusing barnes & noble two days ago, my eyes fell on the current issue of fader, which i haven’t purchased in years. i mentioned the impact of aaliyah in a previous post, and fader dedicates issue #54, the icon issue, to ms. haughton.

now i’m real biased in affinity toward the legacy/talent she’s remembered for, but it’s quite introspective reading praises about a life cut short from peers and those she influenced.

the most intriguing are the memories retold by liza, assistant stylist to derek lee, where we are given an indepth account in the development of her style and image branding, and memories from missy on the evolution of aaliyah’s sound and openness to push herself creatively by experimenting beyond what the industry dictated or understood.

there aren’t many people i bluffed about dying to meet; actually only four, and literally, she is one. fader also pays homage to her deceased confidant & songwriter, static, making this issue worth its newsstand price.

so, to the artist whom personally affects me most, at your best you’re more than loved.

cheers to you,