March 7, 2008

there’s lofty thoughts weighing on my brain. i’ve been judged & doubted by my current co-workers about fcuk-tee.jpgmy abilities to move the questionable product at the house of fcuk given my then abdication of responsibilities at arden b. it was voiced directly that management truly did not want to hire me or anyone from those pastures based on the shitty product?… thats ludicrous cause 1 women’s trash is another’s treasure & it takes genius to consistently sell product so questionably poor. plus i pushed real close to 100k in profit in 4.5 months; no pressure w/ less than a 6% return rate at 18% of the business during my tenure. so what’s my gist?

well, i saved $$ & abandoned management & took a part-time gig with the fcukers to further pad my pockets as the holiday approached. so now that the holidays have passed, i’m seeking to transition toward luxury commissioned sales to obtain what i exert forward. i’m moving 25% of the fcukers business which i’ll never see in pay. i was trained by an amex coach and could sell raid to roach in heat. i dress & marry clothes well; create masterpieces clearly from trash and make women feel their best in it. elie tahari is a fool to not pick me up as this is no game just business & this texas hold’em i’m playing to secure influence has me slightly fcuked.