diesel in the bag; i need more in order to run fly in olympus’ back yard. to do so, the economy needs a serious hug. retail, the government’s first clutch, failed miserably to shift recessionary tides as many companies downsized staffs, offerings &/or edifices to spur dismal actualizations derived from too ambitions fiscal financial projections. few, very few, prospered. hell, matter-of-factly only luxury; those lands where purse strains are affected least (think price-value relationship vs. buying consumer (economics 101 ppl!!).)

hermes, which is where i’m ambitiously working to roost, posted 1st quarterly gains of 13.4% across all product categories. so what does that mean in $$ (more like pesos) and euros? the luxury thoroughbred profited 415.1 million euros, or $621.7 million at average exchange rates, with strong showings across all key product categories and regions, and may trend toward the 2 billion atmosphere toward years end.

i imagine my pockets overfloweth beyond delight with crocodile & stingray, egyptian & chinese so off i go in diligence. visit the website, which is easily navigable and genius, for great father’s day gift ideas too (i.e. cufflinks.)

must i always command – shop, whores… shop!

blandly cunning,