April 4, 2008


a thrift guy i am not in an non-vintage, non-moth ball sense. there’s many places i avoid such as gap inc.’s triad (sameness), guess (implied), metropark (so tritely wretched), and that henin & mauritz. h&m as the latter is commonly referred to is merely a trendy outpost for frugal kids attempting originality in dress while looking more the same. 1,2 wears and the life span is spent when the fashion conscious should invest more in quality and not simply the lowest price point.

what surprises me about the brand is the relationships forged to create extensions with some of the world’s brightest designers. so frenzied was i when viktor & rolf debuted in ’06 that i punched work early only to be kissed in disappointment as more product was devoted to women, and the clothes were so dumbed down the short bus wouldn’t pick them up.

i remember the successful? collections by madonna, lagerfeld, cavalli, & mccartney, and now its alleged by wwd that japanese maverick rei kawakubo is tapped to bring avant garde to the shelves in november.
what an oxymoron (avant garde & thrift)!

fearless and experimental, rei & the garcons de comme is my passion’s stimulus package so while you imagine the hysteria that will follow upon the unveiling at the swedish outposts worldwide, i won’t be peeled or pressed to follow the beauty in that beast.