May 4, 2008

kanye's baby

the stork indeed delivers… via secret messenger service. jim shi (pictured below) welcomes his newly adopted bundle, fendi’s 400 percent bearbrick luca that’s entertained and wowed many passersby at the nyc flagship.

dually announced by the chic report, kanye west is now the adoptive father of luca’s elder brother whom is le couleur pour saison, jaune.luca, jim shi's bundle of joy

these bearbricks were conceived by parents karl lagerfeld & silvia venturini fendi, and are beyond retardo. its like a life-size lego for fashion savvy adults. coveting? yes!

awaiting my stork delivery,



February 13, 2008

glow in the dark tour promo

i’ll sequester my reservations toward this “girly” man, and i’m no a fan of all image no substance rihanna either, but this glow in the dark tour will be the tour of year. in attendance i shall be, perhaps even in chicago. ye, add common to the line-up, & snub rihanna for feist. imagine daft punk getting down with feist; pure genius.