January 20, 2008

because.i.love.itas winter fell during what hopes to be my final days in the south, i avoided reading leisurely instead taking up a movie with pajamas and throw in arm. while viewing 28 days later, i dually immersed myself in the weak politico-structure & styling of protagonists at play. their imaging some how led to this post; a fawning of my fawning over the direction of LV men’s rtw that’s purported by some as only relevant for handbag edits so the accessories won’t go nude. for f/w 0809 i beg to differ & i signed favorably…

in an unexpected shift, marc jacobs managed to create a masculine collection free of garish hues. and despite banter of compromising, being dull and nothingness, my fickle palette prefers muted pairings mixed with extensive attention to detail for a bespoken silhouette. the mix of anthracite. black. cobalt & electric blues vs. dusty pinks & neutrals create a cohesive collection unlike furtive eyes have seen in any rtw collection’s 11 year span. marc hasn’t bowed, as few jest, but added a newer member to the LV house. en plus that shoulder bag above is fatal.

le collezione highlights

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