does anyone recall the velvet rope tour? the hbo special where ms. nasty on-looks a sea of thousands at madison square in colossal pomp. cheers erupt 15 minute strong before she broke from sweat & thus influenced jay-z’s attempt in fade to black. well, i spoke of this phenom with my housemate a few days ago in regards to obtaining a sphere of influence for myself like other one namers… i.e. prince, cher, madonna & of course, GOD before this happened……

obama drawing a crowd of 75,000 in portland.

so, i’m skimming for fat off foxnews’ blog for balanced discourse which is a rarity, and for whatever imposed reason this many people (75,000) were in attendance. this feat reflects our desire for charisma absent in present leadership & people rallied around promise. now charisma (1/2 character & 1/2 charm) is a proving allure in obama, and if pundits, lay people (clinton’s supporters), and fox news researched fully or delve deeper than a narrow mindset full of kiddie pool requirements, they’d understand why so many people (75,000) have vested interest in obama (not his complexion nor this appeasement; step-n-fetch bullshit perted).

its to my knowledge, one appeases sheep into coercion, which is clearly not his supporters since we tend to have degrees among complex thoughts. that’s clinton’s nostalgically dated base of voters whom reminisce about the clinton administration of ’96 though thought not to elect gore. idiots probably voted for bush twice; regretful whores.

& to the smarty whom quipped about obama losing pennsylvania after a rally of 35,000, he won the metropolitan areas of the state hands down just not the married first-cousins found in places like reading or st.marys whom are unaware of the decade in which we live.

obama 08,