January 23, 2008

w conference shoe room

brushing up on a little r&r to what’s to be a calm night, my adventure leads to wmagonline to peep the happenings proliferating when i’m bubbled away with tomfoolery. did you know there is a conference room(i.e. the still above) illustrating a spacial flex for orchestrating shoes for edits…. wtf? seriously…some of those used amples find loving homes on a discount of the two finger kind.

so i ask, where’s this gaggle for men? patron saint of all that’s luxury, where is the love? fiendishly, somewhere there’s 4 walls brimming with ferragamo crocky leather delights in accessory and shoe form, ysl & gucci canvas in a 41, a little raf, & demeulmeester madness for this fop, right!

that adage that “we” men are an accessory; some second class citizen only pertinent in increased ad$ for retailers is bull. “we” men spend though we’re just more savvy about our choices, and destiny’s child sang about we need a few years back… its called cater 2 me. Run with that idea conde nast/ hearst & crew.

so i leave you, my brethren, some of the richness gushin’ me red.
backless.suedemartin margiela shadow mark hi top trainerraf simons padded trainerraf simons motorcycle boot
nickling saint fleur