May 3, 2008

this dude is nothing short of dope. its rumored he’s a fashion-forward, dancing, rapping, genius & was recently spotlighted by the marvelous sartorialist wandering manhattan. scott bluffed that his image is very current jil sander & he couldn’t be more correct (ie below) while he adorns vintage lacoste in cerulean blue.
raf simons raincoat
as i sidebar, simons crafted a parka similar in ideation in lapis & vinyl for his raf extension, which is absolutely perfect for those showers that bring may flowers. a visit to seattle or london may be in order just to wear it in.

amped for the rainy days,



February 17, 2008


pressed like an 80’s denim crease, this is my new crack of the moment. like desperate susan, i’m seeking this padded leather shoulder bag with embossed lettering from what i gather is 2 seasons prior. it’s demise is planned already as it is for breakfast & seeking feedback.

to be owned,