March 17, 2008


so…. as these thoughts find words, i’ve pondered the direction of future posts which has been the source of my absence. yet i’m reminded that originality is merely judicious imitation fighting relevance. keeping these notings fresh, i am fearful of revealing too much of v.a.b’s direction too soon though i’ve just dated irony! an idea under mixed contemplation was highlighting photographers through their impact when i came across some extended work of this guy….. Nick Knight.

i know i’ve thrown genius around much lately but i ask you to enlist another word with paralleled brevity and dominion. (exactly!) Knight, the genius, has shot editorials in some of my fashion bibles ie. Arena +Homme, Another Man, I-D, & the best version of Vogue; british. he has challenged conventional notions of beauty frequently and is fêted for his groundbreakingly creative, left-of-center collaborations with leading designers including Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and advertising projects for clients McQueen, Audi, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Jil Sander, Lancôme, Levi Strauss, Martine Sitbon, Mercedes-Benz, Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Swarovski and Yves Saint Laurent.


here’s his editorial for the april 2008 edition of british vogue and it stars the indomitable becks; posh that is. micheal howell’s glittery set’s dressing, the wardrobe, & all the trappings are really hot.

an inspiration lest i say more. peep the album covers of gwen’s l.a.m.b & björk’s volta & homogenic if doubt remains. for a more information about his influence, works, & awards visit showstudio.com (his personal art project), wikipedia his name or rather, google it :).

fuel.for.life hf_nick-knight88.jpg british vogue cover april 2008 nick_knight.jpg l.a.m.b british vogue cover ‘01
* reminder: purchase the april issue of british vogue.**