so its purported by the new york post that jay-z shot editorials with lagerfeldt for the new fendi advertisement campaign as the new face for the luxury brand back in march. whew! & not that good whew as fendi now presents… a hard face. i’ve been a hov fan since those reasonable doubt days, but this hustle from the brand’s aspect is mere foolery.

fendi, a luxury house formerly synonymous with stuffily, aged, white anglo-saxon, protestants has been trending toward a more youthful consumer since the ingenious kaiser was relegated the reigns as creative director. i understand using jay’s appeal to reach the urban demos, but at the risk of alienating old money, now that’s ludicrous.

i admit that fendi’s accessories division pops like rocks & this assertion has no relevance. so as i dish kudos to a white-haired, specs clad, visionary genius, this idea is like jay-z as the face of white diamonds. such the oxymoron… like a collegiate thug. just a thought.
what do you think?