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ysl f/w '08 vs. bootsy collins

its no such secret that i’m enamored with all things yves.  at some point i wished to exude, if not be him, for sake of being a creative visionary myself though my maturation into current genius led to an even more satisfying infatuation with oneself.  yet, its through conditioned response; some operand learning that one draws inspiration in producing “original” works so where do the gents i admire seek influence?

well, i can’t help but wonder if ysl’s current creative director, stefano pilati, found inspiration in the original rubber band man, bootsy collins, with spring’s praised bezzles.  bootsy, baby!.. whom knew your certified genius would perhaps influence a praised collection decades later?  just a thought.

grazie & kudos,


success’.smell (swagger)

January 21, 2008

l’homme. ysl cologne

before permissibly venturing solo across one’s street, remained an affinity toward the art of smelling well because refinement chows success. in disregard about whose cryptic stash i splashed in while juvenile, i felt justified as long as i upheld the creed that refinement eats success (boardroom & bedroom).

so as a man, its imperative to my disposition to feel as such; confident. privileged & any other idiom fitting for the possessor of testicles. & so forward i go, conquering the world, leaving slight aromatic notes of being abaft. honored with an inherent belief that man should own at least 3 scents, i endow you with what i dub “the essentials”…

work. casual. play.

spotlighted first, casual is modestly seductive and not garish in appeal as its approach is cunning & covert. it creates a longing; an invitation for advances in conversation, business and go figure, perhaps, play.

my favorite: l’homme by yves saint laurent.

l’homme by yves saint laurent is an exacting force of attraction of a man with style and sensuality. he’s charismatic as the tone reveals an intensity; an uncanny freshness bound by true sparkle. l’homme uncovers an originality with elegant floral notes and vibrating spicy notes, while a second magnetic and virile signature endues warmth and sensuality courtesy of ambery, woody notes.

l’homme remains the premiere staple in my fragrance armory as its composition fairs well in multiple facets. i value the esoteric right below familial in hierarchy so my recommendation is garishly laudable.

choix alternatifs pour l’inconsistant (runners.up):
* bÿ by dolce & gabbana | * envy by gucci

narciso (the great gatsby)