new discoveries.  fresh faces.  new days = new models, but maintaining key visibility & converting a fad into permanent fixture is something few models, especially males, succeed in doing unless a possessor of uniquely versatile sensibilities & eyes that evoke brilliance.  with a short shelf-life, it excites me that one of the models i revere; whose body of work wears the volume it speaks; is ranked 10th in worldwide visibility.  this gent, is jon kortarajena redruello or simply, jon k.

jon k, 23, debuted on the runway in jan. ’04 for emporio armani & galliano in milan & paris.  his smouldering eyes and heartthrob appeal has not gone unnoticed as his saturation within this industry expands. 

my initial impression; however, was his premiere guess campaign in ’06?  i detest the wretchedness that’s guess like kids do drinking water. possess an ire so intense that guess is termed white trash couture in my coterie, but there’s no denying the appeal of its campaign’s face.  simply put… i’ve had a man crush since.

current, he’s the wildcard of ’08 as the face of guess, etro, bally’s, trussardi, and tom ford.  increasingly, jon k heralded a 200 page editorital for l’officiel hommes in february, which fête is certifiably boss. 

a few of his campaign stills are in the mix below where his revelry is major in the tom ford and trussardi editorials. with certainty his agencies, ranging from wilhelmina in nyc to success in paris, are working overtime promising his assault into male supermodeldom.

our eyes are watching god,