February 13, 2008

life is truly what one makes it while in the pursuit of creating oneself. my creation is forever cemented in chicago; (haterville usa) where i relished in all the city could offer this sponge. i earned my chicness, glow, my fortitude for venusasaboy.

i miss the days of running to catch the L, working two jobs, living off lake st. above chromium/shadowbar, tutoring the impoverished at Orr on the westside (deathside), and being a G.O.O.D music/hustle intern. home to the illest talent, i witnessed & then staned for an unknown lupe fisaco just earning his glow though he looked rather homeless to me at the time. nights of partying in jet, sipping moet while on business. woman in tow, running through le passage, celebrity, spoon, & the hunt club with the pretentious all while feeling myself. photoshoots & modeling; set-dressing, styling, image consulting & catered lunches at energy bbdo… aww, those were the days as i was discovering how to get out my dreams.
atlanta offers nothing.